What makes the best skincare products?

eliqsur is manufactured according to ISO 22716 standards.

ISO 22716 is an international standard that provides guidelines for the production, control, storage, and also the shipment of cosmetic products. It is officially titled “ISO 22716:2007 – Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).” For a brand to have the best skincare products, it needs at the very least, to adhere specifically to cosmetic GMP standards e.g. ISO 22716.
There are several reasons why ISO 22716 is important in the cosmetics industry. We break those reasons down here to show you why eliqsur is proudly making use of only accredited manufacturers.

Consumer Safety:

ISO 22716 helps ensure the safety of cosmetic products by establishing good manufacturing practices. These practices consequently include measures to prevent contamination, ensure ingredient safety, and maintain product consistency.

Quality Assurance:

The standard outlines procedures and requirements for quality control, quality assurance, and quality management in the manufacturing process. This helps cosmetic companies maintain consistent product quality. Quality is in-built during product conception stages, ensuring the best skincare products are developed from the research and development stage right through to the end product.

Regulatory Compliance:

ISO 22716 compliance is often a regulatory requirement in many countries, particularly in the European Union (EU) region and Canada. Adhering to this standard helps companies meet regulatory obligations and demonstrate their commitment to producing high-quality cosmetic products, in addition to them being safe.

International Consistency:

ISO 22716 provides a globally recognized set of guidelines, promote consistency and harmonization in the manufacturing practices of cosmetic products. Companies engaged in international trade and distribution must pay particular attention to this aspect.

Risk Management:

The standard includes guidelines for identifying and managing risks associated with the production of the best skincare products. This can certainly help companies implement preventive measures and respond effectively to potential issues.

Efficiency and Effectiveness:

ISO 22716 encourages the adoption of efficient and effective manufacturing processes, evidently leading to improved productivity and reduced waste. This is because it can contribute to cost savings for companies, and as a result, a more sustainable product.

Consumer Confidence:

Adherence to ISO 22716 demonstrates a commitment to quality and safety in cosmetic product manufacturing. This can enhance consumer confidence in the brand, leading to increased trust and brand loyalty helping build the best skincare brand possible.

Supply Chain Management:

ISO 22716 establishes criteria for the control and management of the entire supply chain involved in the production of cosmetics. This helps ensure that suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors all adhere to high standards to create the result of manufacturing the best skincare possible.

Continuous Improvement:

The standard emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement in the manufacturing process. ISO 22716 standards ensure companies regularly review and enhance their processes. This leads to ongoing improvements in product quality and safety and turns leads to the opportunity to create the best skincare products possible.
In summary, ISO 22716 plays a crucial role in promoting safety, quality, and consistency in the manufacturing of cosmetic products, benefiting both companies and consumers in the cosmetics industry. This is because ISO 222716 is a certification received after independent audit by a governing body. We have passed annual independent audits by a third party and as a result, show our commitment to ISO 22716. Additionally, we are committed to pharmaceutical principles, evidenced based cosmetics, patented technology and sustainability that all result in eliqsur being one of the best skincare brands available in the current market. We have already won several skincare awards despite being relatively new on the market.
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